Friday, July 25, 2014


Happy, Happy Birthday to my sweet, darling baby girl!  I cannot believe you're already three years old.  You continue to be our sunshine because you brighten our lives with your silly little songs, your keen sense of humor, your zest for life and those big, gorgeous, brown eyes.  Being your Mommy is truly a gift and I thank you for being such a dream come true!  

Happy 3rd Birthday, ClaraLu!



  1. Oh my gosh - I remember last year's post. She has gone from BABY to little girl in this past year. Happy, happy birthday Miss Clara. And have fun celebrating her today, Audrey! xo

  2. Happy happy birthday to ClaraLu!! Please tell her to have an extra slice of cake for me :)

  3. ...Maybe you did not receive my mail on the 25th, this is what I have written to you:

    ("…and another year goes by Schwupdiwup ... You're already three!

    Your candles on the cake rise but You are always more beautiful !

    To Clara which every year becomes more and more expensive beautiful,
    sweetest wishes for his third birthday.

    Un abbraccio,
    Nonno Carlo ")

    >>>the drawings, I have sent can not be put in this blogg!<<<

  4. Happy birthday Third birthday Clara you big/little girl! Indeed, what a difference a year makes! You have grown and changed a lot in so many ways and will continue to do so on your way to Four! I hope to see more of your silly antics and hear you clever songs soon! Keep wishing and dreaming and smiling your contagious smile! Happy Birthday Clara and Congratulations Audrey! Sending Big love...xoxoxoxox

  5. Oh my, I remember when she was standing up in the flowers! Remember your post? Happy 3rd birthday to Clara, I hope you are still celebrating!

  6. My comment disapear, I don't know why?????? but I was telling you that the girls grew a lot during this summer and next time for Clara, we can buy a size bigger and we hope what we bought for Sophie in Italy is ok. I see the girls only in Skype and is not easy to guess the size. Big kiss and I hope we can spype soon during your holidays. Miss you ssooooooo much!!!

    1. My comments disappear a lot in Blogger.....I have no idea why that happens but I'm sorry to hear it happened to you too! Clara's dress was the perfect size ~ in fact, she's wearing it today again! Sophie also wore her dress from Italy to school today. It still fits her well and she loves it! You're right, they did both grow a lot during summer, especially Sophie. I hope we can talk and Skype soon ~ we're always missing you!!! Sending tons of hugs & kisses!


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