Monday, March 22, 2010

Diggin' In The Dirt.....FINALLY!

My beloved Rosemary plant.

That new row of spring onions.

My furry soul mate, Kenzie.

The Cucumber lover, Hubbell, with his favorite toy.

One of Sophie's sidewalk chalk drawings.

So, we finally had some beautiful weather and enough sun to dry up our backyard a bit. Guess where I was on Saturday? That's right....out back, with my hands in the dirt. It was wonderful. I'm already well on my way to meeting some of those lofty goals for 2010. First, in my raised bed, I planted a red cabbage plant, 2 broccoli plants and 75 spring onions (you could only buy them by the 1/2 pound and pound). That second photo above is my row of spring onions. Hee hee....I guess I never could "draw" a straight line" but they look so pretty don't they? I was told they'll be up and ready in about 3 weeks. And I read online that I should cut them at about 6-8 inches tall. Yum yum.

I also planted a chamomile and a lavender plant. They're small right now so I can't wait to see how quickly they grow and how big they'll get. I can already taste the yummy tea.

Lastly, I planted a Bee Balm plant that I came across in my favorite hardware store (local....Renfrow's Hardware in Matthews, NC). I went out today, on Monday, and this crazy plant has already grown bigger. This isn't something I had planned to buy and plant but I couldn't resist once I saw it. I love bees and I hope this plants attracts a lot of them. We'll see...

I've also committed my Dad to helping me build 2 more raised beds in mid-April (right in the nick of time to plant my summer veggies and some flowers!!!!).

So as the season slowly arrives, I am up and running. How exciting! I really did think it would never get here....
Hope you enjoy some random photos (above) from our day outside in the backyard on Saturday - they're just happiness to me!! :-)

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