Monday, March 29, 2010

Flower Inspiration & Weekend Work

I love this time of year! It is just so beautiful. Suddenly you start to see people outside again....walking, biking, running, gardening, hanging out. The trees and flowers are blooming. It's so great, especially after such a hard winter!

So last week I broke down and bought some fresh flowers. They've been on display on my kitchen table and they've been inspiring me. The colors are fresh and joyful. It may not come through in the photo because of the drab color on my kitchen walls (came with the house!) so you'll have to trust me on this one....

In part because of that inspiration, I went out to buy all the things I needed to plant my window boxes for the Spring. Here is one below. The front plants are those deep, dark purple petunias. The plants in the back are called "Dusty Miller".....I don't really know anything about them but I fell in love with the color of the foliage. Just this morning, I went out and noticed that a couple of the petunias are about to pop. I can't wait for that!!!

Side Note: If you want to let your toddler help you plant window boxes, beware that what should take you about 45 minutes will take about 16 hours (after all the spills, clean up, starting over, etc.). I'm just sayin'.... :-)

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