Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Single Man

I did warn you that I am a dreamer. Well, today I am dreaming of being an actress for one day. One day only. And playing only one part.

Last week I had the pleasure of viewing the movie, A Single Man. Wow. The movie was vibrant, vibrant, vibrant. I absolutely LOVED it. I'd recommend it to anyone. And Colin Firth blew me away with his acting skills. Shocker! Especially in one scene (if you've seen the movie, PLEASE let me know as I'd love to discuss it).

But that's not my scene. No, if I could play just one scene, it would be the scene with Julianne Moore. The dinner scene at her house. For me, it was perfection. I have a few movie scenes that stick out to me as my favorites ever. I've added this one to the list. Everything about it was perfection to me. Her hair. Those earrings. Her divine bracelet. That dress. Colin. His suit. Swoon, his glasses. The carpet. Those beautiful pillows. The music. Great choice of song. The dancing. Her furniture. The smiles and laughter. It was all pretty magical to me.

Image borrowed from Austin

Please see this movie. It's already on DVD. I can't imagine you wouldn't love it too.

(But call me after and tell me that scene wasn't made for little ole' me. I would ROCK IT!)

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