Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's lovely to be back....

Each year, around the time of Sophie's birthday, we head to Hilton Head Island for a week. This was our fourth year in a row. We celebrated her first and second birthdays there so it's a special place for us. We consider this week a sacred week in our family.....we literally think and talk about it all year long. Well, as usual, Hilton Head did not disappoint and we had a grand time.

Funnily enough, my favorite part of these trips isn't even Hilton Head itself. When I was thinking about what I wanted to post about today, I immediately thought of Hunting Island. It's about an hours drive from Hilton Head. For me, it's the real highlight. Here are some of my favorite images from our day at Hunting Island.

The island is small with about 3 miles of beach. There is not one commercial establishment on the island....it's entirely undeveloped. There is so much nature. It's quiet, calm, wild. When I think about being deserted on an island, this beach is what I imagine.

The sand dunes are really beautiful here. I took so many pictures of them. Even the pictures are calming to me.....dreamy.

The island is a nesting ground for Loggerhead turtles. As you walk along the beach, this is a common sight up around the dunes.

Walking along the beach here is very exciting. There really is no telling what you might find. On this particular day, this was the most exciting find. A very freshly washed-up horseshoe crab. I leaned over and stared at it for a long time. It was fascinating. These animals existed 100 million years before the dinosaurs. This one had a huge dent in the upper side of its shell. I'm imagining that's why it ended up on the beach.

Alain, Sophie and I had such a beautiful, beautiful day on Hunting Island. Just lounging on the beach, splashing around in the water, watching the dolphins swim by, searching for shells, enjoying a picnic, going on the marsh boardwalk (more tomorrow on that!), walking along the water's edge, building sand castles, taking cool photos, making wonderful memories.

Hunting Island is far up there on my list of favorite places.

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