Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sea Pines Forest Preserve

Since I've chosen to only talk about Hunting Island thus far when recounting our vacation, you might be thinking that I don't like Hilton Head much. But that would be wrong. There are many things I like about the island. I just tend to like places more undisturbed and natural. However, having said that, I think the powers that be work really hard to keep Hilton Head as natural as possible considering how commercialized it is. On the actual island, my favorite place is the Nature Preserve in Sea Pines.

The main attraction here is the alligators. On this trip we only spotted two. Last year we saw many. I'm not sure why this is. Last year we visited at dusk...perhaps that is the difference. Anyhow, my first alligator sighting was this tiny little guy peeking out of the water.....

I also LOVE the egrets. Look at this Great Egret. They're so graceful and majestic.

The Spanish Moss is particularly thick here. If you choose to drive through the preserve, you will see a lot of this. It's magical...

All three of us fell in love with this bird ~ the double-crested cormorant. We watched several of them heading out into the water and diving for fish. The best part? Watching them dry out their wings in between dives. Their wings aren't waterproof. It's so cool. They really are amazing!

The best part of the day? The comic relief provided by this sign..... It still cracks me up. If you're unfortunate enough to fall in or stupid enough to dive in, and if you're lucky enough to survive, we will slap your ass with a ticket. You either lose or you lose.

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