Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Marsh Boardwalk on Hunting Island

Aahhh, more on Hunting Island. On Sophie's second birthday, we discovered Hunting Island for the first time and took a little walk on the Marsh Boardwalk there. I can't even describe how peaceful this place is for me. If you're really quiet, you can hear the thousands of fiddler crabs fiddling around beneath the boardwalk. There's only a very distant whir of traffic from someplace. Occasionally a plane flying over. Otherwise, only the sounds of nature exist to keep you company. It's simply divine. We went there again this year and I enjoyed it just as much. I don't know when Sophie will have her first lasting memories. But, if I had my choice, those memories would come at a moment like this....

Okay, so if you ever find yourself on Hunting Island, you'll find yourself driving on a road like this one. Very lush and green with lots of Spanish Moss.

Keep going until you see this sign on the right side of the road....

Park your car in an available space (although I've never really seen another car there!). Head to the path. You'll immediately see this ahead...

Walk along the boardwalk and enjoy all the crabs below and an occasional egret flying by. As you continue, you'll come to this path which is on a small hummock.

You'll once again come to a boardwalk which will end at this lovely platform. The birds love to rest here. I have so many friggin' photos of birds sitting on this platform. I could stand here for hours. The water slowly rolling by and all the birds in the's heavenly.

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