Friday, March 16, 2012

Clara, at 7 Months

Likes: Big Sissy, crawling fast, standing (using anything & everything as support), music class, sweet potatoes, pears, bananas, Puffs, Hubbell, Peek-A-Boo, dancing, the bath, rocking with Mommy, riding in the Bjorn with Daddy, balloons, reading books, other children, chatting.

Dislikes: having her diapers changed, getting dressed, wearing a bib, anything that restrains her ~ high chair, carseat, stroller (it's not easy).

Nicknames: ClaraBelle, Lulu, Clara Lu, Clara Boo, Clara Poo Poo, Weezy, Weezer, Clara Bara, Lil' Sissy.

Recent Milestones: first tooth (March 6th), crouching on her knees, standing, walking around the furniture, standing and letting go with one hand (always accompanied by a smile), banging on things to make noise, putting pacifier in her mouth by herself, responds really well to her name, loves to pick up small, small objects with her thumb and forefinger.

Words I'd use to describe Clara: sunny, sweet, talkative, charming, engaging, curious, adventurous, ambitious, sharp, great explorer, horrible sleeper, fun, free spirited, adorably cute.

PS ~ I wish I'd had a blog when Sophie was small. Of course, I was too busy working and probably didn't even know what a blog was! But I'd love to have a record like this of my thoughts and observations, etc. on her babyhood. Oh how I wish! She was the best and easiest baby. So precious....

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  1. Dear Audrey,
    What a wonderful post. How nice to think that she can read this one day!
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy those precious little girls. I tell you that, but I can see that you truly do!


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