Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Afternoon Nature Walk

It's becoming a little bit of a tradition. At least a couple of times a month Clara falls asleep right as I arrive at school to pick up Sophie....and since she doesn't transition well, we just head off for a walk around the corporate park. There are always at least a few things to catch our attention. Here goes....

Clara wakes from her nap and ponders the wonders of the universe! Poor thing....I had the carriage covered while she was napping and she woke up so sweaty...

I love the blooms on this bush ~ they remind me of lilies....

Sophie had an awesome idea ~ let's lift the tops of the bluebird boxes to see if there are any eggs inside....

Could you die? There were five delicious little perfect bluebird eggs inside. If you'd seen my reaction, you'd have thought I'd just won the $521 million lottery! The box was too tall for me so I had to lift my camera up and just hope that the eggs were within the frame (which is why this photo is not good quality!).

I adore this photo. Sophie pointed out "It's your friend, Mommy". She says this whenever we see a red cardinal. Her comment is always followed up by, "It's Harry Winston." This is the name we've given to our resident cardinal. At age five, she must realize it's not the same one, right? This shot was taken from a very large distance, across the pond. Wish I could have been closer...

I took this photo of the lone male mallard because I wanted to see if his curly tail feathers would turn out. So glad they did....

This blooming dogwood down the hill was so beautiful!

Sophie took this photo of the lone duck. I think it's really cute ~ she did a good job!

This tree was magnificent. The blooms were to-die-for GORGEOUS. I don't remember ever seeing this before....but I'd love one in my yard!!

Sophie gives a great big smile when she spots a frog in the pond!


  1. Ha, you have bluebird eggs and two little HAVE won the lottery.
    That pink blooming bush looks like an azalea to me and the pink blooming tree is a cherry tree (not the kind in Washington D.C. but the darker pink one that I always have to ask Richard what it is, but he is at work just now.) Great photos!
    Oh, and I meant to leave a comment on your soccer-loving daughter. She really looks like she is having fun! If you look at my blog, there is a man from England named John who has a blog called "don't unplug your hub". He left a comment on my lottery post...if you go to his blog he did a post showing his handsome son George doing a soccer skill called "Around the world"....I thought you might like to show that to your daughter. :-)

    1. I am well familiar with that move! I checked out the video and George is quite impressive, I must say. I'll have to start practicing that with Sophie. HA!


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