Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Afternoon Nature Walk

When Clara & I picked Sophie up from school this afternoon, we took off for a walk around the corporate park. I know that sounds crazy but this particular park has a number of nice trails and there's plenty of nature to catch our attention, as captured in the above photos.

P.S. ~

This gorgeous bird certainly captured my attention. Anyone know what type of bird this is? Kay? Bueller? Bueller?


  1. Dear Audrey,
    That bird is a kildeer! Oh, it is an amazing bird!
    They lay their eggs out in the open, and if you get too close to the eggs, one of the birds will go a short distance away, and will move its wings in such a way to distract you from the eggs! They were even on the very top of Arabia Mountain, look for my photo of one on one of my next posts!
    So happy that you were able to go on this great walk! Love all these photos by the way, you have a really good eye.

    1. I just knew you'd know. Thanks, Kay. Nice to know because he was really, really beautiful. Will look for your upcoming photos...


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