Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Festivities

I mistakenly thought that life would get a little easier once Soph started Kindergarten and Clara started her Mother's Morning Out program.  WRONG.  It is crazy how busy we've been. Both schools constantly have something going on ~ picture days, book fairs, FallFests, field trips, volunteering, craft projects, etc.  I only have about 8 hours to myself during the week and that time is spent doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, getting gas, taking care of our pets and (occasionally) exercising. (Yeah, I know, First World Problems!) The good part? It's FALL and it's beautiful......

The following pictures were taken at FallFest at Clara's school last weekend.

Clara runs to her teacher for a hug!  We are so lucky ~ Clara LOVES going to school and adores her teacher.

Sophie was very excited to attend the FallFest at Clara's school!  She's always game for a good BounceHouse.

This adorable child is Harrison (aka Harry). He and Clara have struck up quite a little friendship. Harry, especially, LIGHTS UP when Clara walks into the room. He's in a different class because he's two years old but they visit the playground at the same time. I'm told that when they're on the playground together he follows her around and puts his arm around her to help her. He is ADORABLE and they're very sweet together!

The Assistant Director of Clara's school took this picture of all of us and I was so thankful. We hardly ever get pictures of our entire family!  This is how we look early on a weekend morning!

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  1. What a wonderful shot of the family! Treasure it!
    School times are always very busy, it is amazing how much has to be done, but a good Mom like you will be very involved and it is SO IMPORTANT! You won't regret one second, I promise! Take care and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather. Pumpkins, yay!
    Your girls are getting bigger, by the way, both so beautiful!


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