Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sentimental Mother

This afternoon I've come to a strong, heavy realization. It's this: I don't want for my babies to grow any more.  Well, of course, in a real sense, I do because I can't even think of the alternative. But if there was any way I could keep them this way for a while longer, I would. It's definitely hard having two young ones but I don't care. I suddenly had this strong desire to look at Clara's baby pictures from last year at this time and, of course, I'm now a weepy mess.  Maybe because Clara is my youngest and last baby (more Alain's hesitation than mine!), it's hard on me. Maybe it's because Clara is FIERCELY independent and won't let you baby her at all. I want to take those baby clothes out of the Rubbermaid container in the attic and just bury my face in them.  Alain is ready to get rid of them but I know that I cannot.  My heart would break if they had to leave my house.  I just can't.  What in the world is wrong with me????  So, without further ado......and because in about ten minutes I'll be writing about how I would NEVER consider having another child and you'll think I'm completely insane.....



Okay, see, I feel better already.  Guess I just needed a moment!

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