Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hello, 1970's!!!!

I've been wanting and meaning to post this picture for a long time. My Dad sent it to me sometime last year. I've always loved this photo. #1, because it is SO 1970's.  #2, because my parents look SO young (they were!). #3, Dad's hair is just FABULOUS! #4, and best of all, is because I think this photo of me truly shows the type of child I was. Tomboyish, adventurous, free-spirited, scrappy. I remember giving my parents a really hard time whenever they tried to make me wear a dress.  It just wasn't me.  Still isn't.  In my youth, I was most comfortable in a worn out pair of cowboy boots. A neighbor and, I believe, a friend of my dads, came over and took this series of photos on this day. I love them all. There's one of me on a swingset, with my feet high up in the air.  If you concentrate, you can see my undies. Because there was nothing girly about me and I wasn't used to wearing a dress. How on EARTH can you PLAY, really play, if you're wearing a dress. You can't. It's for this reason, and many others, that my girls don't wear dresses much.  It puts you at a serious disadvantage.  And where is the fun in having other people seeing your undies constantly?  Yuck.  Anyway, I digress.  

Here it is....

Mom & Dad, does this take you back or what???



  1. Ah, the hair, the outfits! You look so cute; I had that exact same haircut haha

  2. Love the pic! Your father didn't change, your mother YES...and you look super cute. The 70's...nostalgia...

  3. What a fantastic photo! And your Dad's hair, wow!
    Do you think that Sophie looks like you? I think she does!
    What a cute little girl you were! And of course, since we are so much alike, you know that I was a tomboy too, although many years earlier, that is! HA HA


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