Friday, June 3, 2011


I am always interested in how people find good books to read. I have a few different ways. Most commonly, I make notes of books mentioned in the text of a book that I'm reading (keep in mind that I mostly read non-fiction). Since the subjects are usually related, I can read a number of books in a row all dealing with a topic of interest to me. I also subscribe to a number of magazines and I always read their book reviews (from O Magazine, More, Whole Living, etc). Also, when reading these magazines, if I find an article I really like, I read the little blurb about the author at the end. And this is how I found the last four books I read (all within the last week!).

The most recent issue of Whole Living arrived in the mail (June 2011). I read through the magazine and really enjoyed one article on birdwatching. I have a fondness for birdwatching although I am quite the novice. The author's byline read as follows: "Frances Lefkowitz's book TO HAVE NOT was named one of the five Best Memoirs of 2010 by SheKnows." A quick Google search and I was on the SheKnows site reviewing those five best memoirs. Luckily, my library had four of them available.

I read the first one, WHAT I THOUGHT I KNEW, in less than 24 hours. And I was hooked. I devoured the other three in the course of the next week. I enjoy reading good memoirs but think they're hard to find. If you like memoirs, look no further. The four I read are listed below and in my own preferential order.

1. To Have Not by Frances Lefkowitz
3. Perfection by Julie Metz

I really admire the ability of these women to expose their lives, inner thoughts, beliefs, opinions, family lives, etc. Their stories and their story-telling abilities are quite captivating!

Please feel free to share ways that you find good books to read and/or let me know if you've read or intend to read any of these books..... I love to read (obviously!) but it can get frustrating when I have noone to discuss the books with when I'm done!!

Much to my dismay, SheKnows did not have a best memoir list for previous years. However, I did read about another memoir that is supposed to appeal to mothers everywhere. It's called WHEN DID I GET LIKE THIS and it's by Amy Wilson. I'll be picking it up at the library tomorrow!

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