Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Little Things

~ Getting crafty and completing some projects for the baby's nursery. I can't wait to share them!

~ Alain's Bircher Muesli. It's simply one of my most favorite things EVER! He made some last night and I savored every bite this morning....YUM YUM....

~ Making a new friend. At this age, I think making new friends is hard. Yet, I'm at the start of a new friendship and it seems to be blossoming. It's such a nice feeling and I hope it continues....

~ Bee Balm Blossoms. I planted a Bee Balm plant last year and, much to my surprise, I discovered the massive, brightly colored blossoms yesterday. Oh my. Will try to capture a photo to share over the weekend! I want to know what types of insects/birds it attracts but it's on a side of our house where I rarely venture.

~ Hubbell had a dental cleaning at the vet's office on Monday. We had to drop him off at 8 AM and pick him up after 3 PM. I love how concerned about him I felt. I missed him all day and couldn't wait to pick him up and take care of him until he felt better....

~ "Hold the Cone" mini vanilla ice cream cones from Trader Joe's. And the Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels. How on Earth did I live my life before Trader Joe's?

~ My due date is only one month away. I can't help but be scared (I had a horrendous labor with Sophie) but I'm also very excited. The last bit of pregnancy is so very surreal. Any day now I could have a new daughter, in the flesh. I'll be able to hug & kiss her, speak to her face, feed her, change her, take care of her, take in the smell of her, see all the ways in which she's alike and different from her Big Sister, love her. The second time around is so different from the KNOW your life is about to change again in huge, crazy, unexpected ways. And yet you still look forward to it!!!

~ Sophie's utter excitement over Daddy heading to school with her this morning for "Doughnuts with Daddy".....she loves Father's Day and asks me every day when we can give him his present. It's so sweet!

~ We're about to be overrun with veggies from the garden. In the past few days, we've harvested at least 10 cucumbers. I love it!!! The zucchini is almost ready for harvesting and the tomatoes should be turning red, yellow & purple any day now. This is the really rewarding stage of gardening.....

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