Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Spring of the Transverse Lie

So here I am....35 weeks pregnant and seriously slowing down. I feel so unproductive. This is silly considering I'm growing another little person inside my body. In reality, I've only been this productive once before in my life...when I grew Sophie. Even though I've done this before, I had an easy, easy, easy pregnancy with Sophie. I was almost five years younger and about twenty pounds less starting out. I don't think this is why this time has been harder though.

Most of my discomfort and concern is due to Baby Girl #2's choice of position....the transverse lie. She seems to really LOVE her side-to-side position. From time to time, she'll change position....usually to head down....but it doesn't last long and, before you know it, she's back to her favorite spot. Her big noggin is usually protruding out of my right side. Her bum is usually sticking out a little bit to the left of my belly button (or rather what used to be my belly button). Every so often I can feel some body part reaching up under my rib cage. Whew. Sleep is nearly impossible and I have some trouble breathing here and there. Needless to say, I'm not exactly having a good time.

I have a doctor's appointment on Friday and an ultrasound will be ordered if she still hasn't moved. At that point, my doctor will most likely try to move her manually into a head down position. No, I am not keen on this idea. Considering how sensitive and TIGHT, TIGHT, TIGHT my belly is, it sounds like a painful endeavor to me. I also don't want someone pushing my sweet baby around in her peaceful little cocoon. Still, if this might help to avoid a C-Section, it may be worth a try.... In the meantime, I'm doing my knee-chest exercises, meditating, speaking to the baby, making up and singing songs to her (think "Turn, Baby, Turn" sung to the tune of "Burn Baby Burn") and doing everything I can to get her to turn naturally. Fingers crossed.

I'm currently reading "Raising Elijah" by Sandra Steingraber. The first chapter is about being pregnant with her son and it's titled "The Summer of the Transverse Lie"....her son, like my girlie, was also in a transverse position. Luckily for Sandra, he turned at the last minute. I'm hoping for a similar outcome. Anyway, I wanted to give proper due for the title of this post. I didn't come up with it myself. (this is a great book, by the way....subject matter that's right up my alley....it's hard to put down at night!).

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