Monday, January 9, 2012

Suburban Field Journal

In our area of town, there are a good number of developments marketed primarily to the elderly. The homes tend to be of smaller size (by Charlotte standards) and are typically one floor. The lots are small so there is less yardwork. Sounds good, right?

We just happen to pass through one of these neighborhoods on our way home sometimes and, brutal honesty here, it makes me depressed. This is what it looks like....

Every house is almost exactly the same and they seem to go on forever.

Someone obviously lacks imagination and creativity.

There's almost no nature to speak of and it seems like a Ghost Town because you rarely see anyone outside.

There isn't much within walking distance so everyone has a car. The garages must be full because most people seem to park in the driveway.....thus you see a bunch of ugly cars when you look down the street.

Not to mention the lack of privacy. If there were windows on the sides of the houses (there aren't many), you could lean out and shake your neighbor's hand. If you do have windows on the side, you wouldn't be able to leave the curtains open without your neighbors knowing all of your business. And, in typical suburban fashion, a good number of houses in the 'hood have this ugly utility box right by the driveway.

I've visited the model in this particular neighborhood and the houses aren't bad inside. They lack character ~ one is the same as the next ~ but they're decent enough, I guess. Some find this neighborhood very desirable ~ I'm only giving my opinion. But I'm making it one of my personal goals in life to NOT live here when I'm old and grey.

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