Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bird's The Word!

Last Friday Clara and I ventured out to a new fabric store. When we left half an hour later, our car wouldn't start. As we sat there waiting to be rescued (thank you, Elizabeth and Nat!), this little bird landed on the roof of the car parked next to us. Before he flew away, I quickly took a couple of photos of all his cuteness....


  1. That is a mockingbird! Did you notice the beautiful white patches on the wings as it flew away? They are very territorial, all birds are, but this one will dive-bomb cats to keep them away from the nest, and humans too, at times!
    Do you and your children a favor, get yourself a little bird book and then you identify all the birds you see.
    Sharon Lovejoy will be coming out with a bird book for children soon. It is meant for children, but you know it's got my name on it!
    I love my birds!

  2. No way. Kay, thanks for telling me. I had no idea. I have ALWAYS wanted to know what a mockingbird looked like. Now I know. I too really LOVE birds (take after my grandmother!). See my post below where I identified my backyard birds. We have a book and Sophie also loves birds. We call our resident cardinal "Harry Winston" because he's so lovely. I just knew we were kindred spirits! And I've added that book to my Amazon Wish List ~ thanks for telling me!


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