Wednesday, February 1, 2012


~ Kenzie came to visit for four days. It was nice to feel like myself again for a little bit. When she's here, she immediately resorts to all of her usual behaviors....spending the day laying by the front window, barking whenever someone comes near the house, bringing us random socks and/or toys when we come home, checking on me during the night while I'm sleeping....her presence is just so comforting. She barely knows Clara, having only met her twice. Yet, when Clara went down for her first nap during Kenzie's visit, well, guess who plopped herself in the corner of Clara's room to stand guard? Of course it was Kenzie. Precious, precious dog.

{standing guard at an open window}

~ Sophie went to Grandma & Grandpa's house for four days (hence Kenzie's visit!). I wasn't expecting it to feel like a big break. I was wrong. It was HUGE. I couldn't believe how peaceful our house was. It just reminded me how LOUD, defiant, and stubborn she is. Now that she's home I'm trying hard to keep my patience with her and work on some of these things. It seems that she's always in trouble and I often find myself feeling sorry for her. It must be hard to be her sometimes ~ always in trouble. Still, I missed her a lot while she was gone.

~ Clara had a HUGE week. She learned to sit up on her own. She also started crawling. Yes, crawling. In the week before she turned six months old. I honestly didn't think this was possible. I'm not one of those parents who rushes their kids to move around on their own. I like when you can sit them in one spot, leave the room and come back to find they haven't moved. I will never experience that with Clara. She loves to be put on the floor to move around all by herself. Of course this means we have to be super-diligent. Check check. I stand in awe of her tenacity and curiosity. Amazing kid that Clara!

{crazy ambitious kid}

~ I have been sick for nine days now. NINE DAYS. It seems like an eternity. I am so damned tired of being sick. It feels like it will never end. It's a viral upper respiratory infection. And it has wreaked havoc on my body. The doctor says it should last seven to ten days. Hmmm. Could tomorrow be the day that I start to feel better? We shall see....

~ Recently Alain made a vegetarian version of chicken pot pie. You see that was one of my most favorite foods growing up. The frozen version ~ I've never even had a homemade version of chicken pot pie. Yet Alain found a recipe, tweaked it and made a veggie version. Oh my but it was divine. I look forward to the next one. Thank you, honey!

~ Today is Hubbell's birthday!!!! YAY! He turns eleven years old today. We got a "Happy Birthday" doggie cookie for him. Sophie is really excited to give it to him when she gets home from school today! I'm so happy to see him reach this milestone. My sweet old guy.

~ I just finished reading The Hunger Games. My. To say it was a riveting read would be an understatement. It's not something I would usually read but I had a number of people recommend it. Glad I took a chance. It was a quick read. Now I'm debating whether or not to see the movie..... ????

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