Sunday, February 19, 2012

Suburban Field Journal

There's a neighborhood not too far from's one of those very planned subdivisions that attempts to recreate an old-timey neighborhood. The houses are extremely close together, they all have large front porches, there are sidewalks all over, there are more green spaces than average, and the houses are every color imaginable. While I appreciate the attempts to create a strong sense of community, there's nothing organic about this place. It feels rather plastic and forced.

This particular neighborhood has a decent sized park area with some trees that were left in place and a small playground. Once we discovered it, we frequented it from time to time to let our daughter play. In the handful of times we've been there, we've never seen another soul in the park.

Despite the emptiness, apparently we weren't the only ones sneaking a visit. Over time signs started to appear....

{I always laughed at the keypad on this gate because you can just reach over, push down the handle and the gate opens. Who thought of that?}

Threats from police? Wow. Must be a serious problem. This just goes to show how desperate people around here are for some green space....

....and how those of us who have it aren't willing to share it!

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