Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Garden Update

I have a confession to make.  I quit my garden the second half of the summer season.  Yes, I did.  Everyone knows how much I dislike the heat.  I decided I didn't want to do it anymore, despite the many payoffs that come from caring for the garden.  Luckily, Alain picked up some of my slack and we still managed to have a decent season/harvest.  

I'm happy to report that temperatures have FINALLY dipped below 80 degrees in the mornings and evenings.  So, you guessed it, I have reunited with my garden again.  It's so nice to be back!  

So far, I've pulled out all of the dead growth in my tomato plants as we're still getting some new growth and yummy tomatoes. I'll probably give the plants a couple more weeks before I pull them out completely.  

My eggplant is having a late season resurgence.

I planted nine different lettuce plants. Yum. I can't wait for these to be ready!

Our neighbor gave us a few different hot pepper plants.  One of them is doing amazing!  There are probably a hundred different peppers growing.

Just take a look at this beauty we harvested today!

Sophie's zinnia plant is also having a resurgence.  There are lovely pink blooms ~ I've even picked a few and put them in a vase inside the house.

I planted three cabbage plants.  Ruby Perfection.  I LOVE growing red cabbage despite the looper problems.  We usually don't have as many problems in the Fall so fingers crossed.

This was our little harvest today.  I told you my eggplant was doing well!  There were also many more cherry tomatoes but Clara eats them as quickly as we can pick them.  How fitting that her hand made it into the picture.

I also planted carrot, radish and pea seeds.  In addition, I have some onion and leek plants which have to be thinned before I plant them.  Hopefully I'll get around to it this weekend.


Tell me, how does your garden grow???


  1. Ooh, jealous of your eggplants! Too cold all year here to get any. Enjoy

  2. yeah for cooler temps. your garden is awesome! you have some serious eggplants to deal with. lol enjoy your garden. :)

  3. Your garden looks lovely & lively! I've never even tried eggplant (well maybe a long, long time ago) -but yours look great. I have a bed for lettuce too, in fact they look almost the same:)
    ... visiting from Small Things blog.


  4. Somebody just told me that eggplant was the second easiest thing to grow (the first being green beans). This suprised me - I hope to try them another year. I also wilt in the humidity and high temps, but it's like magic, isn't it, when the air is dry - I come to life again!

  5. I love how even a neglected garden is gorgeous and productive! I just started a new garden/farming link up and would love you to join!


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