Saturday, September 1, 2012

From Where I Sit

Clara is napping. Alain took Sophie to the pool. I am just sitting on the balcony drinking a warm coffee that Alain picked up from the bakery for me. It's so quiet and very peaceful.  Would you like to see what I see?


Aren't you glad you said yes?  

Life is good this morning, eh?


I have a confession --> I like to stalk the folks who are on their this guy....he's been working so hard scrubbing his deck all morning!


  1. Oh yes, it is beautiful! Where is this? I love the feeling of peace!

    1. This is Hilton Head Island. Our apartment is right smack in the middle of Harbour Town in Sea Pines ~ we can view the lighthouse from our balcony. It's been such a nice weekend! Hope you've had a nice Labor Day weekend as well, Kay!


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