Friday, September 28, 2012


The lovely Kay, my most devoted commenter, emailed me today to pass along a "hug" (virtual) because it's HUG A VEGETARIAN day!!!  How sweet is that? Kay isn't even a vegetarian. No one else I know sent me a hug!!!  (I had forgotten it was today so I was thankful that Kay reminded me.  Then I was able to send hugs to my ONE vegetarian friend.  And both of my girls!)   If you read any of the comments on this blog, you'd know that Kay is a real sweetheart.  She once sent me a package with some lovely crocheted butterflies for both girls as well as a crocheted cloth and a lovely doily.  During her last trip to England, she mailed me a postcard from there.  Snail Mail ~ I was so happy!  You see, Kay knows that I also have a very English heart! If you're able, visit Kay's blog ~ she always posts the loveliest photos of Arabia and Stone Mountains in Georgia. She also loves beautiful flowers and our friends, the birds. 

In honor of Hug A Vegetarian Day, I thought I'd mention a new recipe I tried yesterday.  I found it in the latest issue of Whole Living but the recipe was contributed by the founder of Cannelle et Vanille (a most wonderful blog that will make you salivate!).  The recipe is for the Roasted Cherry Tomato Clafoutis. I had been looking for a recipe for cherry tomatoes because we're overloaded since the last harvest from our garden.  I'm not a natural cook (I can get quite stressed if it's not fairly easy!) but I found this recipe straightforward and uncomplicated.  The result?  Well, Sophie devoured hers and asked for seconds.  It also prompted a compliment from Alain.....and, if you know Alain, a compliment from him, especially regarding food, doesn't happen all that often!  This clafoutis will definitely be a repeat in our house.  It's listed in the magazine as a brunch recipe but we had ours for dinner with a salad, some bread and farmer's cheese.  Yum yum!

All of the recipes on Canelle et Vanille are gluten-free so it's the perfect source for creative gluten-free recipes!  Next up for me is the Butternut Squash, Apple and Hazelnut Muffins.....I can't wait to try those!

Kay, thank you for your email ~ it was a lovely surprise and made me smile!!!  

{Images via Whole Living}

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  1. Dear Audrey!
    WOW! Heaps of praises upon me AND a great gluten free recipe too! Nothing could be better!
    (Did you know that Richard has been on a gluten free diet since he was 3 years old?) I will try this recipe and will let you know how it turns out for me. I get stresed out too over cooking, you are TOO much like me, girl! Never mind, that is what EASY recipes are for, women like us!
    And I just made a muffin recipe off the back of the PUblix cornmeal bag, but I mixed up the two recipes that were on the back, and followed the ingredients for 1/2 of the recipe of one and 1/2 of the other. GUESS WHAT!? The muffins were great, so happy when my mistakes turn into triumphs! That's my whole life, really. !!!


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