Friday, September 14, 2012

Iggy Pop

Ygal was an alumni of The University of South Carolina!  One of his most favorite things about Columbia was a small little restaurant called The Salty Nut Cafe. He LOVED the place! At least one year that I can remember he lived in an apartment right across the street. The picture for this week was taken during that year. I really like this picture ~ it makes me happy that I got to enjoy one of Ygal's favorite places with him on a number of occasions. And I'm glad we have it memorialized in this photo.....

I am just so thankful for this photograph.


  1. What a great photo and the joy in each face really shows!
    My step-mother also went to the University of South Carolina, a gamecock all the way! (Which sounds funny, if you read this from another country!)I will have to ask her about the Salty Nut Cafe, I am sure that she knows it!

  2. So young..... I mean both!!! Ygal is a VERY good looking guy, isn't he? I remember the Salty Nut Cafe, he took me once to drink something, he loved the place.



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