Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Highlights

2012 was an incredibly hard year.  

During the first half of the year, we were barely sleeping.  I think, on average, I was sleeping between 3 and 5 hours a night. It was so difficult.  There were times I wondered if I could die from lack of sleep.  Then, slowly, as the weather warmed and the year dragged closer to Summer, Clara's reflux started to subside and she began to sleep a little better.  Still far from ideal but better.  I felt like we were slowly coming back to life.  During this time, Sophie started her very first soccer season...and Clara began to walk...

In early June, Sophie spent her last day at preschool and we had a pizza/cookie cake party to celebrate...

Somehow, in the midst of the crazy first half, I did manage to plan and pull off a belated 40th birthday bash for Alain (and, in usual Audrey fashion, I took a bunch of photos of my prep work but none during the actual party!).

In Spring, Alain had a very large project at work and we didn't see a lot of him. Then, as Summer started, he finished said project and we prepared to leave for a week-long vacation over July 4th to New York City.  

The day before our flight we learned of our dear brother/brother-in-law/uncle's tragic passing.  

Our trip to Switzerland was heart-wrenching, emotional and just plain hard.....but, even in the midst of that, there were some beautiful moments.  We don't get to see Alain's family much so, even in the midst of our pain, we had to do our best to soak up our time together (and to celebrate Yaron's 2nd birthday). It was the first time all five cousins were together in the same place and the joy of the children kept us all going.

A life without Ygal. We're still attempting to come to grips with this, if we ever can. It's been six months now. Therefore, the second half of the year has seen us muddling through.  

As soon as we returned from Switzerland, our baby Clara turned one.  My grand plans for her party were put on the back burner and we had a small, intimate family gathering to celebrate.

{I don't know why this picture is "foggy" but I'm including it because it's one of my favorites!}

The very next day we commemorated what would've been Ygal's 36th birthday by releasing 36 balloons.

In early August, my aunt and uncle invited us on their beach vacation.  It turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.  It was peaceful and relaxing....

A few short weeks later and Sophie started kindergarten. Unbelievable!

After two days of school, we drove down to Hilton Head for a long weekend to celebrate Sophie's 6th birthday. It was a lovely, lovely weekend and that trip included what was probably my favorite moment of the entire year....

As I was going back through all my pictures from the year, I couldn't believe how many nature pictures there were.  Flowers, birds, trees, insects, deer, shells, leaves, my garden, you name it.....I don't even know how my computer can contain them all.  I was surprised but this makes sense to me.....when I'm down, nature is my solace.  And there was a lot of nature in my life this year. For that, I am so thankful.

Hard years also come to an end.

I am looking forward, with a hopeful heart, to 2013!


  1. Dear Audrey,
    What a beautiful post you have written here.
    And you know that I am total agreement with you about nature, you and I, we require nature like air!
    I love these photos here, the ones of you with your girls, and your sweet husband with the girls on the beach. All your posts about your brother-in-law have been so moving.
    I am so glad that I lived with you through 2012!
    A hopeful heart, yes that is exactly what we all need!

    1. Kay,if there was ever a year when I needed a new friend, it was this one ~ thanks for all your visits and all your sweet & kind words. May we have many more....!!!

    2. Hi Audrey,
      My new blog friend Kay G. recommended your blog with a helpful link. Your post is lovely - and shines with hope and love! I am so sorry about your loss. It's love that gets us through. Nature is my solace too. Thank God that 2012 is past, and we have a bright and fresh new year to start with much hope!

    3. Thanks so much for visiting ~ will pop by your blog momentarily ~ Happy New Year to you!

  2. Hey Audrey,

    Your blog was mentioned by Kay G. and I thought I'd take a look at it.:) I'm glad you had an awesome 2012. :) I wish you a happy awesome 2013!

    P.S decided to follow your blog. :D

  3. Hope 2013 will be better for our family and the entire world Audrey, thinks are not looking good outside.
    I'm missing Ygal a lot, missing you, Alain, the girls,Diego, Jenny and the boys, Gosh we'r so faraway. When I go to work I do my job in an automatic motion,I really hope now going to take care of my mother will work ok, I'm afraid because is very depresive situation, even I can't have a convesation with her and inside me I have a sadness feeling that doen's leave my heart, hope the combination works, I'll try my best. My friends are waiting for me and I'm sure they will visit me a lot and they will do what ever they can to make me feel happy.
    The photo of Alain with the girls is fantastic, they look so good, even though Alain have a shadow of sadness in his face.
    Love your blogg Audrey, is getting better and better, you should write a book, I said the same to Jenny, both are great writers in a different way, but love to read it!!!
    Love you girl, hope to see you in skype during my time in Baires.
    Send you kisses and Luv U


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