Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Good Hanukkah Craft Is Hard To Find

It's true.  So we made our own.  Ribbon dreidels. Inspired by this pin, I went on a ribbon shopping spree.  Blue, silver & glittery are what I was seeking.  We also used some old ribbon scraps we had on hand.  I knew they'd come in handy at some point!!!  Of course, I had to make a "sample".  I did it one night after the girls were in bed and it was so, so, so therapeutic!  Here's my "sample":

I was going for a vintage, fabric-scrap quilt look.

Note to self: Make sure that dreidel outline is not showing once finished. Ahem.

Halfway through, the girls decided that glittery ribbons weren't enough.  They went off and found some glitter in Sophie's craft drawer.  Green and pink glitter. Ahem. Still, here are their almost-finished dreidels:

{Charlotte's dreidel}

{Sophie's dreidel}

In typical Sophie "more is more" fashion, she started to decorate the rest of the paper.

Even though the girls said they enjoyed the project, I am thinking it might be best for children a little older (these girls are 6).

Will keep searching and trying to create that elusive perfect Hanukkah craft.  To be continued....

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