Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gingerbread Lane

Come take a walk with us down Gingerbread Lane, won't you?

I fell in love with these gorgeous Christmas trees!

A lovely gingerbread Eiffel Tower!

I'd love to take a stroll up this walk. Wouldn't you?

A snowy wedding.

A peek at a Christmas tree in the window. I love the red, green & white candy corn roof. This house took my vote for 1st Place.

A lovely pretzel fence.

A gingerbread country house.  This one took Soph's vote.

Penguins having fun.  No doubt my favorite photo from the day.

Some folks are really talented.

Popcorn snow!

A "Welcome" Mat and some hot cocoa.

I LOVED this roof.

WOW.  Such a gorgeous house!

I especially liked the Christmas lights made of chocolate-coated sunflower seeds!

Gingerbread snow angels!

Elf graffiti.

Trees made of candy!

We had such a lovely time on Gingerbread Lane. I hope you did too!  Thanks for joining us!

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