Friday, December 7, 2012

Iggy Pop

Because today is my dear Alain's birthday, I am posting this picture. It was taken in 2009.  A few months ago, when Tia Jenny and I were talking, I asked if she might have a picture of Ygal & Alain that we haven't seen before. She sent this one. I've been sitting with it since then knowing that I would like to surprise Alain with it for his birthday.  I could spend millions on other presents (if I had it ~ which I don't!) and I know it wouldn't mean an inkling as much as getting this photo for him.  Tia Jenny, thank you.  

Alain, wishing you a Happy Birthday seems, I don't know, silly.  This has been the hardest year of your life. So the girls and I will simply wish you a better year to come and we want to let you know that we've got you.  We will hold you up for as long as you need.  Our love and adoration for you knows no bounds.  Happy 41, my love.  Mi corazon.  I know that every day I have you with me is a gift and I am forever thankful.  I love you!


  1. Happiest Birthday Alain We love and are thinking of you and wishing we could be there to give you hugs on the day to mark your 41st year! Love always xo

  2. Oh,I missed wishing your sweet husband a happy birthday, but think of this as your birthday weekend, and I hope you will have a happy time with your lovely wife and sweet little girls!
    I am sorry for the loss of your brother this year. This is a beautiful photo of the two of you together. (Audrey, don't let the secret out that European men can do dishes, women will try to steal our husbands.)


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