Saturday, February 9, 2013


Earlier tonight the fading sun was streaming in our kitchen window. It was so beautiful. My daffodils just happened to be sitting there so I RAN to get my camera.  So glad I did.  This picture just slays me.  I really, really love it.  Daffodils are truly one of life's simple pleasures! 


  1. Lovely, Audrey! Daffies are one of my most favorite flowers, but we're a month or two away from them in Colorado! I can't wait!

  2. Oh Audrey!
    I LOVE this photo!!! LOVE it, I tell you, it is wonderful.
    And can you believe it, I just took a few photos of the daffodils at church today, we think alike, my dear!! xx
    (Oh, and look up the poem, Daffodils, by Wordsworth. I memorized the last stanza when I was in high school. I did a post on it last year!)

    1. I memorized that poem, too, Kay! And I was thinking of it when I looked at Audrey's daffie photo. Love Wordsworth and the other romantic Poets!

  3. Kay & Louise! I just looked up the poem and I LOVE IT. Kay, thank you SO MUCH for introducing me to a new poem that I like so much. And thanks for the lovely compliments on my daffodil photo. I think I need to frame that one.


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