Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Welcome To My PlayTime"

This evening Sophie went to play outside and we suddenly noticed that she was dragging things out into the yard.  A chaise, a picnic blanket, her umbrella, the play mats, some toys.  I had to be sneaky and take some shots.

Then she took my little party sign, grabbed some chalk and wrote the below....

It didn't take long for Clara to join in on the fun!

But I was really surprised when I looked up and saw that Sophie had brought out some decorations for one of our small seedlings.

Here's a closeup.  Just in time for Valentine's Day!

"Welcome to My PlayTime".  I adore kids and their play.

But here comes the best part....  Sophie was barefoot outside even though it was quite chilly.  Rather than go inside and put on socks and shoes (as I'd suggested more than once!), she collected a bucket, had her Dad fill it with warm water.....then dipped her feet in and relaxed.  I really cracked up when I noticed she'd picked up one of my magazines and was reading through it.  It was like spa time out in the yard!!!

These kids sure do know how to have a good time!


  1. I think observing kids play is fascinating and revealing, Audrey! They do a lot of imitating ~ so it speaks volumes about you! LOL This is a fun post!

    1. My own personal rule that I try to stick to is a minimum of one-hour of outside play each day. Really, the only exception is rain or extreme heat. We're not deterred by cold weather. It's paid off because they usually choose to be outside....without my having to prod them. I choose to be outside and they do too. Makes me happy!


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