Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Reading, Watching, Listening


So I just finished reading this....

About Alice

.....and I was quite touched by this beautiful love letter that Calvin wrote to his late wife, Alice.  

Now I'm reading....

Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep

....and, I'm telling you, this book is fascinating.  I've read a lot of books on sleep. After Sophie was born, I struggled with sleep issues for YEARS.  Oh, it was so horrible.  Thank goodness I'm sleeping like a baby now but I'm still intrigued by what happens once we close our eyes at night.  It's always been an interest of mine, even before I had my own sleep issues. I'm about halfway through this book and I may write more about it once I'm done.  Seriously, I've learned so many cool things!!!  Alain and I have had some interesting conversations about our sleep....


Alain and I just watched....

Marley (2012) Poster

.....and, I have to say, I didn't expect to be so roped in by this documentary.  I guess I didn't know a lot about Bob Marley even though I would consider myself a fan.  Watching this led to many a Google search on the Dreadlock Rasta.  So, as you might have guessed (it's so predictable!).....


I've been listening to....

Legend: The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers (New Packaging)

This is one of the 10 CD's I'd want with me if I were deserted on an island.  It would actually make it into my Top 5.  Do you guys ever play that game?  Alain and I often have this discussion.  Maybe I'll do a post one day on my 10 'deserted island CD's'.  (Am I dating myself saying CD's?  Times, they are a changin'!!!)

So, tell me, what have you been reading, watching, listening to????


  1. Do you listen to the age-old BBC radio show Desert Island Discs? It's amazing, has been going for over 70 years, and you can listen to them all on the internet. I think you'd like it!

    1. That is AWESOME! I didn't see Bob Marley on any of the lists but oh well. I was rather surprised at how much classical was listed. I love classical but I need some music that would get me on my feet and dancing in the sand!!! I am so intrigued and plan to listen to some of the shows....starting with Colin Firth! Thanks SO MUCH for telling me about the show!

  2. I'm definitely going to have to check out that book on sleep! I've just started swimming again, and I'm finding that makes me sleepy! When I think of stranded on an island, I'm always thinking about what I'd want to have to eat! Did you see Tom Hanks in "Castaway?" That still gives me the shivers! Especially since I've had a lot of dental issues (I wasn't blessed with the good dental genes!). Right now I'm reading a strange and fascinating book called The City & the City by British author China Miéville. It's won lots of sci fi awards. Soon I'll get to that review of "The Chinese Death Cloud Peril" which I love. I'm going to Calgary in two weeks to help one of my sisters recuperate from an operation, and I've been told I'm hosting her book club and I have to read the book; and a friend just published a novel and wants me to read it and review it! And there's Life of Pi and on and on! I hope there are libraries in heaven!

    1. Yes, I'm still waiting on your review of "The Chinese Death Cloud Peril"!!! My reading list is also ridiculously long but I like having that problem!!! Hope you're having a good week, Louise!

  3. Hey, you know something that struck me as funny? In the movie, "Castaway", and they gave the Tom Hanks character a welcome home dinner, why would they have SEAFOOD on the menu?
    I really need to do a post about sleep, I have a gift for it!

    1. You know, Alain and I used to say the same thing about the seafood feast ~ that was quite a funny little detail to include in the movie. You should do a post on sleep!!!!

  4. Replies
    1. It's available on Netflix, if you have it!

  5. You've got me interested in that Dreamland book! I haven't listened to Bob Marley in a long time, I think since high school.. I've been listening to PAOLO lol! Haven't had time for new books either; can you believe I've been reading Madame Bovary over and over and over again because I just haven't made the effort to put it back on the bookshelf?

    1. Ok, I'm going to look up Paolo ~ I don't even know who that is!!!!


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