Monday, October 7, 2013

Baby Gators!!!

When we're in Hilton Head, we keep our eyes peeled for gators EVERYWHERE we go.  It never gets old to find one or two in a pond or lagoon.  In fact, when I get back to Charlotte, I find myself looking in bodies of water for gators and it takes me a while to get out of the habit.

On this trip to Hilton Head, we got exceptionally lucky.  Why?  We found two ponds with baby gators (a first for all of us!).  We were thrilled!

I bravely stepped out of the car to take some photos.

In the above photo, can you see the adorable baby gator up on the grass with Momma Gator guarding below from the water?

Um yeah.

I took this one from across the pond.  I am no fool. 

The baby's mouth was wide open.

I headed to a pond located on the other side of the drive.  This cute baby was there waiting.

I couldn't find the Mom on this side so I was a little on guard.

Oh, but they were SO CUTE.  I couldn't believe our luck.

A few of them were even swimming.  As we would do with human babies, we were oohing and aahing over their every move.

It's nice to know that there should be gators for many years to come.  We will always look forward to finding them and I'll always look forward to taking gator photos!!!


  1. I love these photos!! How adorable they are :)

  2. Oh they are so cute! Makes me realize what a reptile lover I am! Haha. When Doug and I were on our honeymoon in Florida I saw an alligator by a lake at the golf course we were on. I walked over to take a photo all while Doug was yelling at me to not get too close. I got some cool photos though! :o) Love your baby gator shots!!!

  3. They are cute but oh my goodness, the mama alligator could be nearby so I am glad you kept your distance! Amazing photos you got, well done!
    "See you later alligator!"
    "After while, crocodile!" I hope you say that to your girls and they respond with the crocodile line! xx

    1. You know, Kay, it's rare when I do say that so they have no idea how to respond. They give me funny looks! I should school them in how it's supposed to work!!!

  4. So cute ~ I've never seen baby gator! Lots of big ones in Loxahatchie Florida.


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