Friday, October 4, 2013

Gardener in Training....

This week I've been working in the garden a little bit....planting some onions, garlic and leeks.

Being in the garden, I suppose, has prompted Clara to ask me about 50 times a day....

"Where the 'matos go?"

"Where the strawberries go?"

Even when we're away from home, at completely random moments, she'll ask,

"Where the 'matos go?"

I love this.  I tell her they're sleeping underground and they'll be back next year.  Clara seems to like this explanation.

Where the 'matos go?  Every time I think of it, I can't stop smiling.

This is one of those things that I don't want to forget.  Hence this post.

(These photos have nothing to do with this post but they're nice and Fall-like.  They're part of my sprucing up of Hubbell's Garden.)


  1. I love the photos that you pared with your words today, Audrey. And Clara's questions about where all the 'matos are is just so cute! I found a quote that I want to use on a Friday someday and it goes, "A gardener's best tool is the knowledge from previous seasons." Every year Clara will understand more and more, but for now I love the innocence of her 'mato questions! <3

  2. My papaw used to call them "matos" :) this made me reminisce about him :)

  3. "Where the 'matos go?" I love that! Tell Clara that at my Dad's house, they are sitting prettily in glass jars. He told me last night that he canned 7 quarts of tomatoes yesterday! (And 5 quarts of apples for good measure!) He must have over 300 jars that he canned this year!

  4. Your girls are going to love these posts when they are older! I'm loving it now! Take care!


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