Thursday, October 24, 2013

Land As A Community

I've been reading a lot lately and that's one reason I haven't been blogging much.  So many good little time!!!  I'm currently reading Terra Nova by Eric Sanderson.  To say that I'm enjoying this book would be an understatement. I'm actually learning a lot and it's got me thinking about so many different things. One of the chapters begins with this quote:

We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us.  When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.

~ Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac, 1949

I really love this quote and I wish more people took it to heart.  I do my personal best to see our small piece of land as a community.  I think a lot about all the species and plants that live on our lot and how I can best protect and care for them.  I mean....they care for me, don't they?  I don't allow fertilizers, won't use harmful sprays in my garden, absolutely forbid Round-Up.....try to maximize green space....grow plants that are good for the animals, birds, bugs that live here with us.  As I finish this book, our land community is on my mind a lot.  What more can I do?  How can I be better?  How do I teach my girls?

After school today, Clara and I decided to spend some time outside in the crisp cool Fall weather.  When we stepped out into the yard, a large hawk took off from one of our trees and flew right over our heads.  Clara gasped. I looked up into the sunshine and I could see all the gorgeous spots and markings on her plumage as she passed over my head.  At the same time, I was overcome with this sudden gratitude for her presence.

Clara and I checked on the onions and leeks that I planted recently.  


We monitored the buckwheat crop that I planted.

One half of the bed is growing perfectly and the other half....NOTHING!?!?!?  

As I passed by our parsley plant something caught my eye.......  

......yep, looks pretty normal.  But upon closer inspection....

WOW!  Yeah, there's a community alright.  A community of caterpillars living in my parsley plant.  I counted between 10 and 12 of them.  What a gift.  I have no idea what type of butterflies these will become.  I'm just happy they decided to stop by and stay for a while.  

I love our little land community!

PS ~ I wanted to share a photo of Clara too.  She's quite a little firecracker lately.

No matter how many times I ask, she refuses to wear shoes when we play outside.  Even when it's 50-60 degrees like today.  And she won't let me put her hair up.  She started the day with a ponytail but took it out almost immediately upon arriving at school.  In every single picture I take, her face is covered by hair. YET when I uploaded these photos, I loved how she looked.  She looks like a nature baby to me.  Perfectly at ease barefoot out in the garden....with the sun shining on her curly locks. Collecting leaves and digging in the dirt. Still looking for fresh strawberries even though it's been almost two months since the last one.  Yes, I LOVE my nature baby just the way she is!!

PPS ~ Last night I found this note lying on my phone and bag.

From my big nature baby.  I told her it was one of the nicest notes and presents I'd ever gotten. And I meant it!!!


  1. I just love your love and appreciation for nature, Audrey, and also the way you are passing that on to your girls. Your little nature baby with her bare feet and messy hair - I want to squeeze her! But I think she probably would protest. Haha. And that note from your sweet little Soph? Priceless! It made me all choked up. Lovely post today, sweet friend! xo

    1. Thank you,'re such a sweetheart! I always see your comments from Carrie and think that I really hope my girls do that one's so, so, so nice. It always makes me smile so I can only imagine how it makes you feel!!!

  2. I really love how you cherish nature. That doesn't surprise me at all, as you seem like a kind soul. Carpe Diem my friend.

    1. Thank you, Keith...."a kind soul".....something I definitely aspire to.....Hope you're well!

  3. Oh my God, what a sweet note...and your nature baby is so cute.
    I love the quote by Aldo Leopold, there is a quote by him which is on a sign inside the building right on top of Stone Mountain! I took a photo of it on one of my early posts! We think alike, my dear!
    I should know what the caterpillar is but I don't! Type in fuzzy yellow and black caterpillar and see if you can figure it out!

    1. Oh Kay, you know I did a bunch of searching already and my best guess is that it's a Black Swallowtail. I didn't include that in my post because I'm not 100% sure. It may be partially that I WANT it to be a Black Swallowtail. I just hope they stick around long enough for me to find out!!! It's so exciting. I'd love to know which Aldo quote is at Stone Mountain.

  4. You'll always cherish those sweet little notes. I think little people have such good circulation their little feet don't seem to get cold. It's a good thing to get some dirt between your toes!


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