Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hilton Head Wildlife

Wow, time is flying.  It's already been several weeks since our beach trip!  So I've already shared the Bald Eagle and baby gators with you......now it's time to share a few other wildlife photos I took during our long weekend in Hilton Head. I had grand plans to research the animals, etc but, I'm telling you, there is NO TIME.  So without further ado....

Walking back from the beach one day, I almost stepped on this guy!

EEEKKKK!  What a find.  I was so excited.  We were ALL so excited!

I found this gorgeous little soul while I was walking to the pool one morning.....

Trust me, the pictures don't do this snail justice.  In real life, that shell was translucent and glittery.  I giggle to myself when I think of how many people must have passed by and wondered why I was taking a picture of the asphalt!!!

Oh, look who's coming....

Can you just imagine how much I love, love, love this next photo? 

Be still my beating heart!  I just love that goofy bird.

Okay, okay, I know, enough with the butterflies already!  Moving on....


These aren't great pictures but I was rather surprised at how close this heron and alligator were hanging out.....Sophie and I stuck around for a few minutes to see what happened.  And do you know what happened?

A whole lotta' nothin'!!!  

Which is so fine by me.  I could sit and watch a whole lotta' nothin' for days and be insanely happy!  Couldn't you?


  1. Love these captures Audrey - especially the butterfly and the snake :)

    1. Thanks, Keith! I think it might be a king snake, from the little bit of research I did. Everything I read said it's hard to find a snake on Hilton Head because of all the development so I feel even more lucky to have seen this one....

  2. Great photos, Audrey! Snakes creep me out! I tried to get a photo of one the other day, but I guess I was too creeped out to focus properly! Thanks for your kind comment on my Northern blog! More to come ~ and yes, you should get your father to write some letters or stories about his life! Everyone has a fascinating story! His voice is too important to lose. Take care!

    1. Hi Louise! I agree with you and need to work on my Dad. My grandmother too.....she started telling me some really cool things about her family the other day and I realized how much I DON'T know. Much too important to lose.... Thanks for your visit, as always!

  3. Hi there, Audrey. Fantastic nature photos, as always! I loved seeing them - the photo of that bird is AWESOME!!! And yeah, I could get used to sitting and doing a whole lot of nothing myself, especially in a beautiful setting like the one where these photos were taken. ~sigh~

  4. Hi Deb! Your comment reminds me of my favorite pin on Pinterest which says "Stop the Glorification of Busy". Amen to that!


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