Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Beach, Nature & Creativity

Welcome to my favorite beach.  

Calibogue Beach.  In our family, we call it Land's End or South Beach.  It's never crowded (not that I've experienced).  This might be because there isn't any parking so you have to walk or bike a good distance to get there.  It could be because there are no amenities. No restrooms, no snack bar, no lifeguards, no umbrella or beach chair rentals.  It might be because there's very little actual beach, especially at high tide.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend swimming here because it's where the Calibogue Sound meets the Atlantic Ocean.  This means heavy currents and sharks (I understand that it's a hot spot for shark fishing but don't take my word on this ~ I may just be overprotective).  What may deter others are the things I love about this beach.  The nature here is CRAZY, there are tons of dolphins and it's the best spot for sunsets.

What thrills me is that Sophie loves it as much as I do.  On Friday AND Saturday, while Clara was napping, this is where she asked to come.  Not to play mini golf, ride horses at the stable, swim at the pool or visit the crowded beach, but HERE. While we hung out and I watched her play, it occurred to me that it's probably my favorite spot/activity for nurturing her creativity.  

For example, just take a look at this sandcastle.

We only brought a couple of shovels and buckets with us.  You can only fit so many things in a bike basket and backpack!  Sophie used those items to make the skeleton of the castle but then collected all kinds of natural items ~ pine cones, shells, driftwood, feathers ~ to decorate it.

My favorite part was the bridge she made out of sticks. I love her imagination.  I don't know that I ever would've thought of that!

 Throughout our visit, items would get added to this lovely castle.....

.....and this was the final view before we left the beach for the day.

Then there's all the digging.  Here Sophie told me she was digging a tunnel.

She was very busy and so quiet (and trust me, she's never very quiet).  Maybe that's another reason I love this beach so captures her imagination as much as mine.

 Then it was on to writing and drawing in the sand with feathers.  Oh, this is so addictive.  Every single member of our family wrote in the sand with a feather tip.

I was happy to receive two love being this....

 Be still my beating heart.

 In another moment, Sophie was working quietly in the sand.  I asked what she was doing and she told me she'd made a garden and she was watering it. 

A quick filling of the water bucket. 

And then a sprinkling on her row of plants.


At some point a couple came out with their kayak, promptly got in the water and paddled away.

(I was only slightly jealous!)

Shortly thereafter Sophie found a reed tucked into the sand. She told me she was going to use it as a paddle.  Then she hopped up onto this log and started paddling away.

(I think she was slightly jealous too!)

What could be more perfect?  I'd rather spend a few hours here than just about anywhere else I know.  

(photo taken by Sophie)

See, I told you my girls would turn me into a beach person!!!!  Maybe not the type of beach most people think of (I don't even swim or sunbathe when I'm there!) but a beach all the same!

(this photo reminds me of this one)

Sophie and I.....the beach provided a perfect outlet for our creative energy (mine in the form of these pictures and this blog post!) but, as the saying goes....

.....we took only pictures and memories and left behind only our footprints.


  1. Just wondering, there was plenty of sand there, did you not build a sandcastle of your own? I love the one that Sophie made, it's wonderful! Also, she took a great photo of you!

    Besides loving these photos of the beach (I love the hearts drawn in the sand!), I am loving the header photo of sunflowers!

    1. Thank you, Kay!!! I knew you'd love the sandcastles! I teetered around in the sand a little bit but I was reading and dolphin searching. And I'm glad you like the sunflowers!

  2. Ah! I LOVE these photos, Audrey! Super cute photo of Sophie writing with a feather, and I love the photo she took of you. You look so happy and totally in your element. So fun to her creative works in the sand. No wonder you love that place so much!

    1. Thanks, Deb. I do really like the pictures she took of me....although I still can't believe I let her hold and use my camera....especially while she was standing in the sand. :-) XO


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