Sunday, November 27, 2011

Central Virginia Highlight: The Ploughcroft Tea Room

It was back in May when I first came across the lovely little storefront in Downtown Lynchburg, during my last trip to visit my family before Clara was born. A Union Jack hanging from a flagpole is sure to garner some attention from this here gal (remember this post?). A Tea Room? In Lynchburg? I could hardly believe my eyes. I crossed the street to get a closer look. Sure enough. A sweet little tea room. It was closed so the best I could do was peek in the windows. Let's just say that it was adorable enough to make me flock back there at the first opportunity.

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Finally, Alain and I had a chance to sneak in for afternoon tea at the Ploughcroft Tea Room yesterday. Oh, and it was divine. Small little cucumber and egg salad sandwiches. Even better, scones with clotted cream. Heavenly. I devoured mine. Even Alain couldn't believe how quickly the food disappeared from my plates. My only complaint would be that I didn't have enough cream. Then again I'm sure that I use more than a normal person. And the Earl Gray tea was perfectly steeped. Of course, tea always tastes better in a dainty little tea cup & saucer! I have to also add that the owner and her daughter are lovely, lovely people. They were so welcoming and sweet to baby Clara.

I have a feeling that I will somehow visit the Tea Room each time I visit Lynchburg. A Tea Room is such a treat. Afternoon tea is so relaxing. I'm looking forward to having a Mother-Daughter Tea with Sophie soon. I didn't take any photos while I was there because taking photos sometimes detracts from the experience (for me and for others). So, if anyone ever has the chance to visit Lynchburg and the time to enjoy an afternoon tea, this is the place!!!

{Image from Julia Crossland via Pinterest}

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