Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stoking the Creativity Fire

Lately Sophie has been slightly obsessed with this video.

But seriously, who wouldn't be? It's quite amazing and the song is so sweet. I was trying to impress upon Sophie how difficult it would be to make this type of video. Trying to explain the stop motion process to a five year old.....welp, it ain't easy. So, to help things along, I figured we could make our own small mosaics (if you will) and take photos. I still don't think Sophie understands completely but she sure did have fun playing and making "photos" with the M&Ms (we didn't have any jelly beans on hand). And Mom did too!

Here are our creations......I'll let you guess which ones belong to me and which to Sophie.....

And we had a lot of fun eating our "art supplies" when we were done! Yum.

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  1. OK, I haven't reached the level of bean mosaics yet haha.. It really is quite a long, tedious affair, and I sure could use a tripod!! I think an M&M movie would be so cool (and tasty!) Thank you so much for visiting -- let's follow each other shall we? :)


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