Monday, November 14, 2011

My Kind of Sunday

Yesterday I crossed the top item off of my Fall Bucket List (which I never managed to list "on computer").....attending the Rural Hill Sheep Dog Trials. I have a strong weakness for all dogs black & white. So mention border collies herding sheep for competition and I AM THERE! I looked forward to this event all year. Here are some of our photos....

All dogs were welcome to atttend and Hubbell joined us for the day. We saw all types of dogs....lots and lots of dogs....of all shapes and sizes.....all colors and breeds.

Dogs desperate to work and compete.

And other dogs who enjoyed watching the competition.

Dogs in coats.

Lap dogs.

Mutts with very silly grins.

Dogs scared of hay rides.

And dogs who adore hay rides (this was the most gorgeous lab I've ever seen, named "Bear").

And dogs just so smashingly handsome they'll take your breath away (like my very own Hubbell).

I searched long and hard to see which black & white dog I liked best.....and it was an easy competition.....with this beautiful lady stealing my heart. Her owners never left her side for one moment. I was watching.....I wanted to steal her and make her my own.

Okay, back to the humans. We homo sapiens (as in me, Alain, Sophie & Clara) enjoyed a tailgating picnic, some bounce houses, a hayride, a walk around the farm, some cow petting, pumpkin chucking......and Clara enjoyed being snuggled close to Daddy most of the day.

The weather was so, so nice and I got to hang out with my favorite people. It was truly a perfect day!

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