Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Shout-Out to My Favorite Playa

You know who you are. You're an amazing person. I often think of how giving you are....and how large your heart is.....especially when it comes to little beings of the furry and feathery persuasions. I think often of our friendship and how much it means to me. I miss your humor and how you make me laugh so hard. I fondly recall those hundreds of days we were lucky enough to spend together. All the lunches. All the trips. All the hangovers (ha!). I laugh every time I think of me doing "The Running Man" that day in the parking lot in the rain and how we laughed so hard I peed my pants a little. I still have all the funny drawings you'd make for me at work and they still hang above my desk here at home. I simply look at them and feel warm inside knowing that you're my friend. Thanks to you Sophie got to experience a hawk being set free after rehabilitation. You showed her that some people are just good and do good things. You're an amazing friend, a talented and devoted employee, a loyal daughter, a crazy sister, the sweetest aunt ever, A STEEL TRAP (love you for that!), a Bulldog.

Life can be insanely hard sometimes but you know you're not alone. You were brave and ventured out to try something new. You succeeded in making a new life for yourself in a new place. I was so proud of you. I still am. Now things aren't as great as they should be. No matter. It'll all come out in the wash. If it's what's in your heart, bring it on back to the Queen City. This friend will be here waiting for you, with open arms. And, even if you decide to stay, I'll still be here for you.....and I'll visit as often as my crazy life allows. I support whatever you do. I know you'll do great no matter what. Anyone would be lucky to have you.

I love you, playa. Mean it.

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