Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nature Found: The Woods Behind Grandma & Grandpa's House

It's late November but the weather is warm. Since we don't have woods near our house in the suburbs, Sophie and I, along with Grandpa, took the opportunity to walk in the woods behind Grandma & Grandpa's house. These days the forest canopy and floor are mostly shades of brown with loads of fallen leaves. So we made it our mission to look for other bits of nature and here is what we found....

A cool, yellow mushroom.

Lots of trees and bushes with berries.

The coolest tree bark that I've possibly ever seen.

Here's a close up of the ridges of the bark. Isn't that wild? I have no clue what type of tree this is....

Sophie threw some rocks in the pond to make ripples.

This tree stump reminded all of us of the Statue of Liberty.

Another teeny tiny little mushroom. It was so shiny-wet and glossy. Rather extra-terrestrial looking!

Grandpa sat on the hillside by the pond and pondered (pun intended!) the meaning of life (hee hee!).

Sophie showed off some cool quartz rocks she picked up along the way.

It may be the biggest shopping weekend of the year but I'm glad to say that we have yet to enter one retail store.

(Full disclaimer: I did visit an antiques store and a consignment store but I don't think they count since everything is reused.)

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