Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Garden Update

The weather in Charlotte has been unseasonably warm this week. Mid 70's in mid November. Much to my dismay. I like the cold. Still, it's been good for the garden. I went out today to see how everything is looking...

The white petunias are still gorgeous.... are the yellow snapdragons.....

.....and the red geraniums didn't get the memo that Autumn has arrived.

I figured out what the Asian green plant is called.....MIZUNA. A quick Google search and I learned all about it. Alain's already used some in one of his homemade soups. Yum. Will be adding it to a salad this week as well. It grows SO WELL here that it will no doubt be a repeat next year.

Turnip Sprouts. You may ask why there are so many sprouts growing in each spot. Ask Alain about that (smile). I've been thinning them out little by little when Clara allows me a few minutes.

Our happy jack-o-lantern is livening up the compost pile!

Alain and Sophie made a drive through the hood last night and picked up a bunch of bags of leaves from the curb. Brown matter for the compost pile!

The brussel sprout plants are recovering from the looper damage. Is it enough? We'll have to wait and see....

The onion sets are looking great!! Oh boy, I can't wait for all of these onions....

Cute Lil' Radish Sprouts

It's early still but so far I am really enjoying my first Fall gardening season. The best part is I didn't have to get so sad when the Summer Season ended! Let's hope it all continues to go well!

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