Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Simple Saturday Morning

My favorite kind....

~ Baby Clara playing in her chair. She gets more and more interesting very day. She's learned how to pull the handle on the middle toy to make the music play. And she's learned how to pull down on the monkey legs to make him vibrate. This chair can keep her occupied for up to 1/2 an hour sometimes.... (I think sticking out her tongue helps her concentrate!)

~ Oh Hubbell. He loves to roll around in the grass when he goes out in the mornings. I have no way to stop this nor would I want to considering how much he loves it. But it's not my favorite thing. He has to dry off in the garage until I have time to go out and clean him up. Doesn't matter matter what I do, he still smells like wet dog after.... Still, somehow he manages to look totally irresistible!

~ A sweet little Sophie in her jammies watching Pocoyo.

~ Waffles with this on top..... (makes me long for Vermont actually....and Woodstock Inn)

~ Allowing Daddy to sleep in since he took night duty to allow me some sleep.... (our village is almost nonexistent so this is how we cope ~ it's the best we can do!)...

~ The view outside when I stand at my kitchen sink.... (the leaves on the ground are all yellow in reality and the geraniums are vividly red ~ don't know why this photo makes everything look so drab ~ or could it be my rose-colored glasses?)

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