Sunday, October 23, 2011

What I Will Miss

I was recently thinking of this post and this one. These are two posts that I revisit often. I'm so thankful I wrote them back then because they already remind me of little things that I would've otherwise forgotten. Tonight, as I was rocking Clara before bedtime, Sophie ran into the room to show me a snack she was eating. It was a cucumber (Sophie's favorite). There's really nothing spectacular about this situation......EXCEPT for the way Sophie pronounces cucumber. Whereas the proper way to pronounce it is "cue-cum-ber", Sophie still says, "coo-cum-ber". It melts my heart. She's just so big lately ~ there are very few "baby remnants" left. So I thought to myself that I should make a new list of things I will miss. Because GOD KNOWS I will....time passes so quickly....

~ The way Soph pronounces cucumber (see above). It won't be long before she corrects herself. This is one of the last remaining mispronunciations.....(sniffle)....

~ Sophie still loves very innocent TV shows and movies. Unlike most friends her age, she still adores Curious George and is often disappointed if she wakes up too late to see it. She often requests Caillou and Kipper and Pingu as well.

~ Giggle fits. Certain things, often silly, silly things, will make Sophie dissolve into a fit of giggles. Think zerberts or massive, rapid kisses on her face/neck. It's precious beyond belief. But we all know that one day in the not distant future she will think she's too cool for such things.

~ Sophie is about to read. She can recognize words on the page now by sounding out the letters. It is TOO exciting. At the same time, this might mean that she will want to read on her own soon. I remember that I did as a child. And I will always miss reading aloud to her when the time comes. It has always been one of my most favorite parts of the day!

~ She is still not ashamed to break out into song and/or dance at any time in any place.

~ Sophie LOVES singing show tunes in the car with me. (PUH-LEASE, I hope this never changes......)

~ She doesn't have one bad thing to say about anyone.

~ When Sophie is at her swimming lessons, she has a constant smile plastered to her face. She surfaces with a smile. I hope little things like this always make her so happy.

~ Sophie's dream is to have a farm with loads of animals when she gets big. But the best part is that she says I can come and live there with her. Yes, Sophie, you really said that!!!! Many times....

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