Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why Three Take So Long?

Lately Sophie has been telling people she's four when they ask how old she is. Each time I correct her and tell her she's still three and won't be four until her birthday. Without fail, her response is, "Why three take so long?". Ahem. On most days, I might agree with her. But I have loads of sentimental moments when I hope she never changes and I wish I could slow her aging.

Three is tough in many respects. Currently it's waking up almost every night between 11 PM and 1 AM to change her bedsheets because of a pee-pee accident. There's also the resulting laundry. But three is mostly wonderful, in so many ways:

1.) Sophie loves to make up songs. Last night, as I snuggled with her in bed, she made up a song about Rupert and Zizzo. It went to the tune of "Frere Jacques" and was really quite creative.

Rupert (left) and Zizzo (right)

2.) Art class is one of her favorite things. And we treasure her creations. We also treasure the hour and a half that we have free on Saturday mornings. It's a luxury to have brunch alone with my husband.

My personal favorite from Sophie's gallery.

3.) A three year old imagination is something to wish for. We enjoyed a train day on Saturday where we take the light rail to Uptown Charlotte. We sometimes visit Latta Park on the way for a romp in the water park and playground. We often have lunch at Jason's Deli (usually at Sophie's request ~ I think it's the free ice cream that attracts her). We love to visit Imaginon (or as Sophie calls it, The Play Store). Anyway, Sophie was really enjoying our trip on Saturday. She loves Uptown. So she says to me, "Mommy, I want to break our house". Hmmm. Out of left field. So I asked why she would want to do such a thing. And she replied, "So I can put it back together here". I wanted to cry of sheer joy. It's one of those moments I hope I remember forever. (I'll try to forget the breakdown that came several minutes later when we told her we had to leave.)

4.) I love how she screams "NEW YORK CITY" every time she sees a tall building or a yellow taxi. Definitely my child.

5.) She often reminds me that I have to eat all my food so that I can become a "BIG DINOSAUR".

6.) When she asks for something, she usually throws a NO right on the end of her request. Example: Mommy, can I have some chocolate, no? Somehow this makes it easier to say no.

7.) Nothing lights up her world like mac n' cheese or ice cream. Simple pleasures.

8.) Life is magical.

Enjoying Sophie's first sparkler at our July 4th Party

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