Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Party

On Saturday night we enjoyed the company of my family and a whole bunch of our friends & neighbors at our annual 4th of July party! We had a blast and hope everyone else did too....

As usual, I had great intentions to take loads of pictures to capture all the work that was put into the party. As usual, I didn't. The only real shots I got were of the dessert table and that was only because my grandmother reminded me (thanks!). I am disappointed not to have taken more pictures but I wanted to at least share the few that I have.....
A close-up of the ribbon topiaries and paper chains I made.
A collage of the desserts. The only one missing is the deliciously delectable banana pudding that Alain made. I couldn't believe it but most of the desserts were finished. Thank goodness because I wouldn't want them hanging around the house!!! A big thank you to Leslie for bringing the grill brownie cupcakes (wish I had a closer shot of those because they were so cute!) and a big thank you to my grandmother for helping me with the fruit kabobs. You made a tough job a very fun one! I'd been wanting to make the flag cake for years and I'm so glad I finally did. It was a little stressful (because I had to get the lines perfect) but so worth it. I very much appreciate all the compliments on the cake ~ so happy everyone enjoyed it!

I did take a bunch of pictures of our guests taking turns dressing up for the "photo booth". However, I feel strongly about not posting pictures of people without their permission. I know that I despise when folks post my pictures without asking. So while I won't post those, I will say that the photo booth was possibly my favorite part of the party!!!
PS - Sending a big thank you and shout out to Alain and my parents for all their help with the party. If my Mom had not been entertaining Sophie, there is simply no way we could've pulled everything together on Saturday. She's a saint like that! Thank you, Mom.

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