Friday, July 16, 2010

Joan baby, you are a ROCKSTAR!!!

On Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of seeing, "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work". I'd been reading the reviews and interviews with Joan for several months and I'd been impatiently waiting for the movie to come to Charlotte. I'm happy to say, I was not disappointed.

Whether or not you like Joan, you have to admire the GRIT that this woman has. She's 77 years old and I was exhausted just watching this movie. She only sleeps about three hours a night. ??? She travels back and forth and is only happy when she has three or four bookings a day. Wow. Yes, there is absolutely a level of melancholy present but isn't that true for all comedians? Underneath it all, as I always suspected, Joan appears to be a very good person at heart. Loyal even when she shouldn't be (her husband, her manager). It seems that she supports half the country. And was it just me.....did I detect a level of sensitivity during the Comedy Central Roast scene? I was even brought to tears twice during the movie (once during a very poignant scene in the back of a taxi with her grandson). I can't help but admire someone who allows this level of dissection into her/his life. I don't think there's much this documentary does NOT show.

If you get the chance, do see this movie. Wait, I caveat that. If you have prudish tendencies, stay home. Because this is pure Joan Rivers all the way. Crude, irreverent, vulgar and, yes, cruel at times. But I laughed my ass off. Seriously, if laughter does truly prolong one's life, I added at least a good year to mine while watching this film. It felt so good.

Joanie, you have a true fan here. Plastic and all.

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