Friday, July 30, 2010

Right Around the Corner

I feel giddy. Excited. Anxious.

Sophie and I went to Hobby Lobby (could I possibly love a store more than that one?) on Tuesday to buy some scrapbook paper for a project I'm working on. In the few weeks that passed since my last visit, all of the Fall merchandise was put into place. Halloween goods everywhere. Pumpkins. Leaves. Scarecrows. Turkeys. Owls. Orange, purple, green, brown.

So I have a confession to make.

I am NOT a summer person. Nope, not one cell in my body.

I absolutely, positively, with every ounce of my being, love Fall. What could be better? I love the smells. I love the mistiness when it starts to get cold. I love warm drinks. Oh, I really love warm drinks. Ask anyone....and they will tell you....I love to wear scarves. I miss them in the summer. I love layers. I love fires in the fireplace. I love soup. I love pumpkins. I love hot chocolate (Mariebelle, please!). I love beautiful leaves in all colors. I love going on my little family's annual trip to the mountains each October. I love goose bumps. I love boots. Oh, I can't wait to wear boots. I love sweaters. I love sweatshirts. I love Halloween. I love traditional Fall colors. I still dream about going on a Fall trip to New England every year. I like fire pits and making S'mores. I like big, thick warm socks. I REALLY love Fall visits with my BFF, Valerie (who just happens to love Fall as much as I do!). Oh, and speaking of Valerie, I love making Fall cupcakes.

My sweet pups enjoying a misty mountain morning.

Back to reality. It's still 90 degrees outside and it seems like Fall will never get here. We've still yet to go on our summer beach vacation! But I know it's lurking right around the corner. And I can't wait. I've missed you, Fall!

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