Sunday, July 18, 2010

Garden Frustration - Follow-Up

No, I will not stop gardening. No, I will not submit to using non-organic solutions. My garden is too important to me. For that matter, my body and health are too important to me. I know it's just a matter of learning the right way to combat all these issues. My tiny little garden makes me feel powerful. None of my veggies are genetically modified. I buy local plants from Renfrow's. There are almost zero petro dollars involved in getting my food from "farm to table". No tomatoes from 2,400 miles away. It's more like......about 22 steps. No pesticides to contend with and worry about. The best part? These fruits and veggies actually taste amazing (remember my cabbage?). Most of the produce you buy in the store tastes like cardboard.

One day's harvest of Sungolds and Yellow Pears plus a gift from a friend (the pumpkin) :-)

Sophie is also learning so much. Where her fruit and veggies come from. The value of good insects. How to distinguish the good insects from the bad. Clean ways of combating pests and disease. Actually seeing and experiencing the circle of life on a daily basis. She knows the joy of picking a Sungold tomato straight from the plant and popping it straight into the mouth. (One day she'll know it's even better if you pull off one little basil leaf and pop them both in together!) Call me a pessimist but I think she's going to need this knowledge in her lifetime. Can she sense my frustration sometimes? Yes. But she will also see that I will persevere and my gardening skills will improve over time. It's a huge learning opportunity and Sophie's learning along with me. She's also experiencing the joy that this humble little garden provides our family.

I am reading the most fascinating book right now. I'll post about it tomorrow. This book is amazing and I can hardly put it down. All I will say right now is that it's reinforcing my determination to make this garden work. Even to continue to grow it over time. Gardening is so important and I only wish that more people would/could do it. I don't have tons of money or power or clout to make a difference in the world/nation/government/etc. I used to feel helpless. But I do have the power to make small changes in my own life that will hopefully transform to larger ones over time. This garden is only one teeny tiny step. Just you wait and see.

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  1. I love the picture of Mr. Freckled Punkin' and his new friends! And I love your blog, Audrey.


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