Friday, May 4, 2012

Garden Love on a Friday

The daylilies are in bloom and they are really gorgeous.

Anyone remember the flower garden I planted last year when I was hugely pregnant?

It is so,so,so gorgeous ~ I love all of the colors!

The coreopsis just bloomed mid-week. Love them!

I've been madly in love with the colors of one of our Swiss Chard plants. This photo does not do justice to how vibrant these colors are in person.

Sophie's Zinnia plant. For whatever reason, the colors on this plant are not that vibrant but it's still very nice.

One of my favorite things about gardening is cucumber tendrils. I love how they search around for something on which to latch.

At Sophie's request, we planted many more flowers amongst the veggies this year.  Good call on her part! I am loving them. So are the bugs!

This is my first year attempting watermelons. Kind of loving the cool leaves on the plant.  Fun shape!

One day Sophie brought home a bunch of green bean seeds from school. She went out and planted them in the garden with no instruction(s) and without even asking.  Well, the beans are plentiful right now. I'm so proud of my girl.

Sophie's impatiens plant on the sill of her playhouse.

We are so lucky to have this ridiculously awesome full moon tonight!


  1. What a beautiful garden you have, my dear!
    And may I just say that I noticed your wonderful black soil (or Earth, as my husband calls it). We have such hard red clay, that we mostly try to garden in pots!
    That Swiss chard looks wonderful. All of it does really, I just have never seen Swiss chard in a garden before! Wonderful that you are passing on the love of growing things for your children! Oh, I have just thought of a poem!
    Look out for my post!

    1. Oh, I love your poems, I will be on the lookout. Thanks for noticing my soil ~ I take a lot of pride in it, of course. The nice black color is due to my compost. I make my own compost and put a top layer twice a year. Here in Charlotte we also have hard red clay. This is why my Dad and I built raised beds. I have never regretted that decision. There are so many benefits to the raised beds and they suit my Type A personality because they just look so neat. Hope you're well!

    2. Ah, raised beds and compost...that explains that wonderful soil (earth).
      After I typed that comment above, I finished my post that was inspired by YOU and SOPHIE!
      Please let me know what you think.
      Look forward to more photos and seeing your garden grow!


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